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How We Help You

Helping you make money in Florida.

You can enlist any Realtor to help you....This is why investors choose to work with me....

1. I am an investor First and Foremost

This means I look for investments, not primary residences. Cap rates, cash-on-cash returns, and after repair values are all terms and metrics that I use on a regular basis. To myself and the investors I work with, numbers and potential are what matters most, not crown molding and popcorn ceilings.

2. Unlike other agents, I don't focus on a specific neighborhood.

There are wonderful agents that focus on a 1 mile radius. They know every home in that little section. For investment purposes, I focus on central Florida. This encompasses Tampa Bay, Orlando, Lakeland, and surrounding towns. This broadens the search to and captures more and better deals of all kinds within a 50 mile radius.

3. i scour properties beyond the mls

As an investor, I have learned that when financing is flexible, many more deals become available. There are plenty of deals out there that never make it to the MLS if you know where to look. Most agents think like consumers, not investors.

4. You get assistance from both coasts, not just one.

Investors like to know you understand them and investing from across the country can be scary. Fortunately, 200+ days of the year I will be just a few miles away from you to advise and guide you with a whole team available at your disposal in central Florida. This includes highly recommended loan officers, sub contractors, agents, property management companies, and assistants.

5. It's all for FREE

Unlike some agents that charge consultation and advising fees, you don't pay a thing! Any commission comes out of the sale of a MLS property leaving you with zero fees. That's what I love about representing you as a buyer!

What you receive when working with me...

complimentary advising

First, we need to know what you want out of life. What is your situation and what are your goals and the lifestyle you would like to lead?

For some, investing in Florida real estate may be suitable. For many, it won't be. Before anything else, we give you an honest look at your situation before you invest your time and energy with us and vice versa.

property location

Then the real work begins. Besides scouring 1000's of properties listed on the MLS, I will also be checking with wholesalers, agents, and other professions for off market properties that could be a perfect fit for you.

Financial Resources

Next, we review your finances to discover your best options. This includes getting approved for FHA, VA, conventional, and commercial loans as well as paying cash.

The truth is that your financial resources will play a key role in determining the types of investments you can make. Getting this situated at the beginning takes a lot of the guesswork and hassle out of the equation.

Bi-coastal support

Unlike having an agent thousands of miles away, I will be working with you here on the west coast while my brokerage, business partners, and resources will be in direct communication with me from Tampa and Orlando, Fl.


If it is determined that investing in Florida will set you on your path to achieving your goals, we work together to determine which aspect of investing fits your financial situation, risk tolerance, experience, comfort level, and ambitions.

This could mean looking at flip opportunities, buy and hold rentals, a combination of the two, joint ventures, or syndicates.

Continuous advising

It is important to me that you make an amazing investment. Why? Because I want you to be able to do bigger and better deals with me over the years. This is why I will always be there to offer my experience, knowledge, and perspective to you.