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You probably have a few questions....

who the heck are you?

I'm Brad. Consider me to be your California-based personal Florida agent helping you obtain financing, locate lucrative properties, and set you up for success with highly rated management companies, contractors, and other services without the worry or stress of being far away from your investment. To read more about my background and bio, click here.

Is it smart to invest far from where you live?

It is is smartest to invest in the manner and in the market that helps you achieve your goals the most. When investing out of state, it's not that the risk has increased. In fact, many times the risk is reduced because the numbers make far more sense giving you much more slack for errors.

However, it seems riskier because you are not familiar with the area, but that is just uncertainty. The same can be said for going on a vacation to a new destination. That's precisely why it's critical to work with people that are experienced in that market and in that particular investing strategy.

Where do you get your deals?

For investors with the ability to pay 100% cash, off market deals open up. In addition to deals that my brokerage generates via direct mail and other avenues, we are connected to the most reputable wholesalers and turnkey companies that provide us a stream of steady deals. Many of these deals last only hours and will require a proof of funds (screen shot of the necessary funds in a bank account).

What if I want to invest in another state?

There are plenty of good markets out there. While I specialize in central Florida, I have a network of top agents and professionals that can be referred to you if another state peaks your interest. Contact me and I'll be happy to help.

What about investing in Miami, Florida?

Miami, Florida is a very pricey market with potential in developments and appreciation; not so much with cashflow. If Miami interests you, I will be happy to assist you, but keep in mind that the cash flow returns will not be in the same range as central and northern Florida areas.

Why not just invest in California?

California has proven to be a state great for appreciation only. Prices have skyrocketed which is great during the upswing of a cycle. However, with negative monthly cashflow, investors lose hundreds to thousands of dollars per month in order to make a chunk (hopefully)at the sale of their investment. The greatest real estate investing mentors always preached to invest in a property that will produce positive cash flow so that your investment will be sound during the good times as well as the bad. 

How much does it cost to work with you?

As your representative agent, I will only accept compensation from the seller of the property on a listed property. For cash investors looking for off market deals, a 3% premium distributed at closing from the buyer.

Is there a minimum investment amount?

Properties in central Florida start as low as $60,000. I would be happy to help you with whatever amount you are willing to invest. Keep in mind that investments under 100k are typically cash purchases. The investors I typically speak with are looking for $250,000-$1.5 million dollars investments.

Why do you live in California but invest in Florida?

California has a culture and lifestyle suited for my outdoor loving personality but with a hefty price tag. Florida offers amazing beaches, fishing, and golf which is why I love to visit but the real estate potential is the primary reason why it's hard to look anywhere else. For more detailed information regarding the difference in markets, click here.

Where is your office?

I work primarily in West Hollywood, California but operate remotely if needed.

Who is your broker?

Circuitous Realty is a boutique investment agency in Downtown Tampa, Fl. Nick Colamarino is my managing broker and his experience includes over 500+ transactions and as well as dozens of flips in the central Florida region.

What is your experience?

I have studied real estate investing since 2010 and have performed flips, sales, and joint ventures buy and hold deals as well as working for real estate mentors that have passed down their success principles at a young age. 

Who do you work with?

I work with everyday people and seasoned investors around the US that are looking to capitalize on the high appreciation and consistent cash flow that the central market offers in order to achieve their goals.

What if I don't know how much to invest?

The first time we speak, we will go over your goals and current situation to create a vision for potential investment strategies. If conventional financing is the best option, you will be put in touch with the top loan officer our brokerage trusts with our clients.

Can you guarantee my returns?

I can guarantee to disclose all information about the property, market, and use my own personal analysis and opinion to help guide you. While appreciation is tougher to predict, cashflow is much easier.

With any form of investing, it's important to understand risk and minimize it when possible with due diligence and the opinions of experienced people in that field.

What do you invest in?

I have invested in flips as well as cash flowing rentals. Ultimately, owning a 300+ unit apartment building with $10,000+ in positive monthly cashflow is my goal.

Do you do joint venture projects and deals?

Yes! If you are interested in offering financing towards a project, there are opportunities in rentals, flips, and holding the notes (becoming the bank) on properties.

Are you a turnkey company?

No. Turnkey companies buy, renovate, and resell properties at a premium. While their business model works (which is why they're in existence), many turnkey companies buy and sell properties in very poor areas that foreign investors have no knowledge about and cut corners on the rehab.

I represent buyers to negotiate the best possible deal on investment properties that are in line with each client's goals.

Do you have your own contractor?

Circuitous Realty has used numerous contractors for dozens of flips and projects as well as having a list of referrals from other investors. There is not a "staff contractor". However, we continue to do business with only the best professionals for our own investments and for investors that work with us.

Can I visit your office?

We'd love to meet you! Contact me here and let's set up a time for you to swing by the office in South Tampa.