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The Story


It all started back in 2008 when…

I was in college at The University of South Florida and had stumbled upon a book that changed my life forever. It was called Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I was recommended to read it by a mentor of mine that had recruited me in to a network marketing company. While the time I spend in that business was short lived, the lessons I received from that book changed my mindset forever.

I love this book so much, I give away free notes to it. Visit the home page to get yours.

I love this book so much, I give away free notes to it. Visit the home page to get yours.

In just a few hours, I learned how to transform my mind around money and how real estate offered the life I had always dreamed of by implementing a simple but powerful strategy regarding cash flow. I was hooked and decided that I would invest in real estate when I started making money.

Fast forward a year after college where I was interning for a few successful real estate investors in South Tampa. This couple had turned their full time income at their careers into passive income generated by positive cash flowing properties. They had followed the simple game plan that Robert Kiyosaki had laid out in his book. This solidified my belief in this life transforming strategy.

In 2011, I partnered with a college buddy of mine to flip a duo of small homes, but after one go around, we realized that flipping was not for us. The work, the stress, and the risk outweighed the reward. The next 7 years were a whirlwind as I traveled from Tampa to live in Miami, Los Angeles, New York, back to Miami, Cape Town, and back to Miami as a struggling male model. My dream of becoming a real estate mogul had barely started since my income was inconsistent and barely enough to pay a meager lifestyle. I just loved the few days I would work and wanted more.

Modeling is mindless fun for me. To see my entire portfolio,  click here .

Modeling is mindless fun for me. To see my entire portfolio, click here.

After saving some money over the years, I was able to afford a little run down rental house in an up and coming neighborhood in central Tampa with a friend of mine for under $60k in late 2017. (We still have this house)

Here’s our little guy.

Here’s our little guy.

At that time, I was in LA studying on-camera hosting and still trying to model however and whenever I could. Real estate investing was still my end game so I decided to get my real estate license. Instead of competing with every model/actor/personal trainer/real estate agent in Los Angeles, I would get licensed in Florida but work from LA. The idea was to educate and help Californians about the Florida market which was 50%-70% cheaper and yielded much higher returns for rentals. It’s still the state and the strategy I personally believe in and I help connect investors out of state with Realtors I work with to this day.

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In class, my hosting instructor had highly encouraged us all to start a YouTube station to build experience and a way for producers and other clients to find us. Combining my newfound journey of becoming a Realtor with my passion of being on camera to tell a message, The Millennial’s Guide to Real Estate was born.

This would be my platform to share everything I knew, was currently learning, the different experiences I was having, the struggles, the triumphs, and everything between. In spite of not knowing much about how YouTube works, everything started well with my 2nd ever video going viral (currently has 192k views)!

Shortly after the novelty and excitement wore off from starting a new adventure, I soon realized how much I hated everything to do with being a real estate agent. The phone calls, the paper work, the hours, the stress, the logistics, the disappointments, the people! I ended up loving animals so much more after a few months of working as a Realtor :D.

Now I had this station that was building momentum and gaining subscribers daily, but no interest in real estate, only an interest in being on camera. After a long stretch of allowing the station sit idle, I decided in late 2018 that I would revive it as a platform for the best young Realtors across the country to share their wealth of knowledge and experience with Americans looking to buy and sell as well as new and struggling agents in need of practical advice to get their career going.

That’s where we are today. The Millennial’s Guide to Real Estate is where you will learn what it takes to become a successful young Realtor from the top 1% of Realtors in the United States.

A fun interview with Top 1000 Realtor in the US,  Jonathan Hawkins , of Huntington Beach, CA.

A fun interview with Top 1000 Realtor in the US, Jonathan Hawkins, of Huntington Beach, CA.

In addition to career advice, you will also learn principles, mindsets, and lessons to help you in every other aspect of life.

Whether you are a current Realtor or an aspiring agent, The Millennial’s Guide to Real Estate is your source for the most practical, raw, and useful information to help you succeed as an agent and in every other aspect of your life.

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